Stefani (javabean_dreams) wrote,


Hello everyone! So I've been noticing a few sims journals adding me as a friend lately, and quite a few of them over the years, and figured I should probably make a public post stating that this is indeed my PERSONAL journal, and I will not add back anyone who I have not had a reasonable amount of prior contact with.

If you are hoping to see sims custom content, then you may watch my community, java_creations, and if you wish to read my legacy updates, then please friend my other journal, simppl_life. I promise that I do not make any sims posts in this journal, there isn't any exclusive content only for my friends, etc. It's just me rambling on about my life, and I prefer to do that with people I already know a little. I hope you guys all understand!

If you still would really like to be a friend on this journal, then strike a conversation up with me here, via a message, or comments at my community or sims journal. However, I would still prefer to not friend journals that only post sims content. That's what my other journal is for. I suppose it would make more sense to simply post my sims content under the other journal's name, to avoid this sort of confusion, but I was already known by javabean_dreams at MTS2 and other sims content sites before I made the community here, and I didn't want to lose my name recognition when I moved.

Sorry, guys! You are all more than welcome to defriend this journal, and watch/friend the journal you were meaning to get! It makes me feel guilty to have like, 100 people I haven't friended back because I don't know you yet. ;_;
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