Stefani (javabean_dreams) wrote,


So, job hunting is still going horribly, so at this point I figure that making $5 every few weeks is still better than I'm doing now, so I'm going to try and get my Etsy shop up and running again. I relisted stuff when I first got back from culinary school and did manage to sell a couple things, but all my listings expired a couple months ago.

So I'm going to start small, with items that ship very inexpensively. So I'm thinking paper prints, just within the US to start. I really stress myself when trying to figure out shipping costs, so I think having only one basic size and weight profile will really take the guesswork out of my pricing.

SO! My plan is to draw line art of cute little animals with mustaches and scan it into my computer. Then I will print the design out onto cardstock, and individually paint each "print" with acrylics. So the process will be nice and streamlined, but each product will also be handmade and unique. I'm pretty excited about the idea. :3 I even updated my shop front a little to give me a little push to go through with it!


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