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Hello everyone! So I've been noticing a few sims journals adding me as a friend lately, and quite a few of them over the years, and figured I should probably make a public post stating that this is indeed my PERSONAL journal, and I will not add back anyone who I have not had a reasonable amount of prior contact with.

If you are hoping to see sims custom content, then you may watch my community, java_creations, and if you wish to read my legacy updates, then please friend my other journal, simppl_life. I promise that I do not make any sims posts in this journal, there isn't any exclusive content only for my friends, etc. It's just me rambling on about my life, and I prefer to do that with people I already know a little. I hope you guys all understand!

If you still would really like to be a friend on this journal, then strike a conversation up with me here, via a message, or comments at my community or sims journal. However, I would still prefer to not friend journals that only post sims content. That's what my other journal is for. I suppose it would make more sense to simply post my sims content under the other journal's name, to avoid this sort of confusion, but I was already known by javabean_dreams at MTS2 and other sims content sites before I made the community here, and I didn't want to lose my name recognition when I moved.

Sorry, guys! You are all more than welcome to defriend this journal, and watch/friend the journal you were meaning to get! It makes me feel guilty to have like, 100 people I haven't friended back because I don't know you yet. ;_;
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Hmm.. I seem to have beeb defriended. :-(
So, I was looking at something on facebook the other day and thought, oh man, this reminds me of stef! I went to tag you and BOOP, no Stef! :(
I was very sad.

So, here I am telling you that hey, I miss you and I hope things are still very well in your life.

I miss your face very much.

Much love, babe

I love you and miss you!
Just sayin <3

I used to follow you a couple years ago, under my old account (mylimabeans). would love to know how you are doing :)
Yes, hello! Sorry it took me a few days to reply, I was busy when I first got your comment, and my goodness, the second I put something off until later it is a full-on battle to get back to it. I am such a horrible procrastinator.

But I'm good! Struggling to find a job, and nearly out of money, but it's not AWFUL. I finished culinary school, and live back with my mom while my fiance and I look for work. He lives here too, and my older brother still lives here as well, ALSO unemployed. My poor mom. She sent us to Job Corps to get rid of us, and yet here we are again, plus another body. >_> I spend too much time on Tumblr, and making pointless art projects that just take up space we don't have. I'm planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Do you participate in NaNo?
Oh wow congrats on getting through culinary school!! :) And nice to know you and your man are still going strong :) ah poor lady! :p I waste much time too, and I am also jobless. I have never heard of NaNo?
Oooh really?? Oh gosh, with you trying to get back into writing you should sooo do NaNoWriMo. Not a lot of time left to plan, but you're not really supposed to! You try and write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November! This will be my fifth year doing it, though I've only won once. I did write 26,000 one year, and 35,000 last year, though. Still not too shabby!

LOADS of people participate, and there's a whole website with support forums and writing prompts and dares, and people have group chats with word wars, where they set a certain time limit and you write as fast as you can for that length of time. There's already 106,044 people officially signed up for it! It is amazing~~~
That actually sounds quite fun! Too bad I would probably be terrible at it, being in college right now :( I will check it out though :) thanks!